Ottawa Chow Qigong

Welcome to Chow Qigong Classes

We are not currently offering indoor classes. Exercise sessions (no charge) are held outdoors at McNabb park just to the west of the Community Centre. These are Tuesday mornings at 10am, weather permitting.


Are you looking for a practical and affordable way to take charge of your own health? Regular Chow Qigong exercises will help you lower stress and anxiety levels, reduce pain, increase happiness, improve flexibility and balance, increase your energy levels, improve your digestion and circulation, feel calmer. Qigong exercises are revitalizing and anti-aging.

A Chow Qigong class starts with a Welcome Circle that consists of simple hellos and positive greetings to each other. Participants are asked to simply say their name, and then the groups responds with a warm and hearty hello. Next participants are invited to share their good news to raise the level of positive group energy.

The class session consists of two parts. The first part lasts about one hour and is comprised of four simple warm-up exercises, followed by eight more exercises called, “The Precious Eight”.  Please see Qigong demonstration video on the Homepage.

The second part of the class consists of a group meditation with “Dr. Chow’s Five Element Meditation”.

Every participant is welcome to go entirely at their own pace, gaining strength and personal capacity with each class.

Your first class is FREE!!

Summer Chow Qigong practices are held on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am. Dates and location to be determined. Free for members.

Chow Qigong Exercise Class Registration
Drop-in Fee: $10/per class
OCQA Member Drop-in Fee: $5/per class
OCQA Annual Membership: $50

Annual Exercise Package
(including $50 OCQA membership)
Single Annual: $240
Family Annual: $400
Senior/Student Annual: $195
Annual exercise package gives unlimited access to all weekly classes.

OCQA Membership Benefits
All OCQA members are eligible for discounts on OCQA workshops and free summer outdoor classes.
OCQA members are also eligible for discounts on Chow Qigong products, available in the class.


Bio Dai

Dai, Shiang Ying
Chow Qigong instructor since 2002.

I was introduced to Qigong by my father who was an acupuncturist and Qigong practitioner. He turned to the Chinese traditional medicine in his late 40s, during the challenging times in China after WWII. I also went to my roots when I had a physical and mental breakdown after losing my father in 1997 and my mother in 2000. I started Chow Qigong classes at McNabb Community Centre in the Fall of 2000. I have been practicing Chow Qigong exercises and meditation since then and never looked back. In 2002 I completed the Chow Qigong Intensive Level I training and got the certificate to teach Chow Qigong. I am grateful to Dr. Chow for developing the Chow Integrated Healing System. Chow Qigong helped me to regain my health without the pharmaceutical drugs.  I became a Chow Qigong instructor because I am committed to Chow Qigong and want others to take advantage of the potential health benefits of Chow Qigong. Please see my Chow Qigong journey in the testimonial page.

Bio Angela

Angela Fung

I had worked as a R.N. for over 20 years when I was introduced to Chow Qigong. At the time I was having a lot of health challenges. After going to many therapies without much result, I was happy to find that I can take charge of my own health.While I was attending the Level 1 Intensive Training in Toronto, I practiced Chow Qigong faithfully everyday. After about 3 months, I had a lot of energy and everyone noticed the great improvement in me, and my health challenges quietly left me. I then decided I needed to educate the public about Chow Qigong. I was interviewed by CBC TV and the Ottawa Citizen.

Brenda Everson and I started to teach Chow Qigong in 1997.To enrich myself, I went on to take the Level 2 Intensive Training and the basics of TCM and acupuncture in Toronto. While attending many of the World Congresses of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine chaired by Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow, I met many Qigong Masters and have learned from them. I love to share, and seeing people feeling better and taking charge of their life positively gives me a lot of joy. By teaching Qigong, I am looking forward to a world filled with love and joy.

Bio Nicole

Nicole Beaulac

Nicole Beaulac is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master. She has worked as a Nurse, as an Ergonomist and as a National Health Advisor. She started practicing Chow Qigong in 2013 and received her instructor certificate from Dr Chow, East West Academy of Healing Arts, in 2016. Nicole is a bilingual (French-English) instructor and she also practices Tai Chi.

Bio Julia

Julia Gordon

Julia Gordon is a mental health nurse, educator, and psychotherapist  who came to the practice of Qigong over a decade ago in order to heal from fibromyalgia. The discovery of energy as a healing modality and its profound capacity for well-being, launched her into the 'kingdom of the well' after a couple of years of intentional practice. She has gone on to teach Qigong and is a Level 1 certified Chow Qigong instructor.  Her passion to introduce others to their own deep knowing and Inner Healer this led her to become a certified intuitive energy healer.  She is a graduate, teacher and consultant at the Stillpoint School of Integrative Healing in New Hampshire.  

Bio Mary

Mary Cullen

Mary is an historian who started her Chow Qigong practice in 2000 when she was seeking to enhance her healing from ovarian cancer. Drawn to Dr, Chow’s integration of eastern and western medical traditions and her positive message that we are all our own healers, Mary followed a daily routine of qigong exercises and meditation that resulted in significant health benefits. Since 2002, she has been teaching as a level 1 certified Chow Qigong instructor. She is continually inspired by her fellow Ottawa teachers and students who have evolved into a caring community committed to balancing mind, body and spirit.