Ottawa Chow Qigong

History of Ottawa Chow Qigong

Ottawa Chow Qigong Association

In 1995, Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow came from San Francisco to teach the first Chow Medical Qigong Basic course in Ottawa.

Over the next several years, due to the popularity of Chow Medical Qigong, many Basic and Intensive Level courses were held in Ottawa.

Weekly practice sessions were first held at individuals’ homes and at a Seniors Centre located in the Billings Bridge Plaza. 

In 1998, Chow Qigong classes began at the McNabb Community Centre. These sessions were more structured and informative. 

Chow Qigong classes started on Wednesday evenings, and were so well received that soon, sessions were extended to Tuesday mornings as well.

As more people graduated from the Intensive Level Courses, the number of people interested in teaching Chow Qigong increased.  Special practice sessions for instructors were held to provide “train the trainer” support and consistency in teaching techniques.

Ottawa Chow Qigong Association

In 2005, the Ottawa Chow Qigong Association (OCQA) was registered as an incorporated non-profit organization in Ontario.

OCQA’s mission statement is:

“The Ottawa Chow Qigong Association is committed to the concept of everyone’s birthright for super health and vitality of life. We are dedicated to promote optimal physical, mental and spiritual health for all individuals by promoting and teaching the daily practice of the self-healing principles in the teachings and philosophies of the Chow Integrated Healing System and Qigong also known as Chow Qigong or Chow Medical Qigong developed by Qigong Grandmaster, Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow. Chow Qigong has given hope and results for students with serious and minor conditions where all else have previously failed and has even enhanced those already in ultra healthy states. We invite everyone to celebrate the miracles of healing and life and its infinite possibilities and potentials.”

The OCQA by-laws require a Board of Directors. Board Members are elected by Association members at an annual general meeting.

There is an annual membership fee. All OCQA instructors are required to be members of the Association.

OCQA also promotes a healthy lifestyle by hosting and sponsoring Chow Qigong classes, workshops, and instructor training. OCQA hosts Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow to provide the training and certification of Chow Qigong instructors.

The Association and its members also participate in other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) related activities, and other social activities or events throughout the year.

OCQA Annual Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee is $50. Memberships are for the calendar year.